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OCELLUS, plural noun OCELLI
An eyelike spot found on bird feathers, animal fur, butterfly wings and fish scales.


Our Journey So Far

Ocellus Services has been the foundation on which the Group was built.
It is remarquable vehicle to learn about the industry and our partners best practices.



Cyril Corallo started "RHEO", a group of French artists from the video game and animation industry.
RHEO won the CG Master Award at the 2010 CGSociety Challenge with
"The Night of All Fears."





The team moved to Miami USA to co-produce a game called "Harold" with Moonspider Studio.
We wanted to bridge the gap between animation and games. The game premieres at PAX2012 in California, showcasing new state of the art technology developed with the help of the UNITY team. Despite being praised for its visuals and music "Harold" was not a commercial success. It was a great learning and humbling experience.


RHEO becomes OCELLUS, a new vision and strategy is born.

By developing the look of the serie with TAPTALE, “CHEATING TOM” becomes the first TV show Ocellus worked on.

Armello was the second game Ocellus provided art services for, helping LOG on the pre-aplha version of the game and its trailer.




After visiting OUTFIT7 in Slovenia, Ocellus Services is established to Co-Produce a game called Talking Tom CAMP in partnership with AMO2 and OUTFIT7. The team shared the same office space in Ljubljana and was part of every decisions about the game, it was a great learning opportunity. Ocellus designed a specific art pipeline with Amo2 on Marmalade© engine. The team also created the animated trailer for the game. Talking Tom CAMP realeased globally and reached more than 100 millions downloads worldwide.


The partnership with Outfit7 grow with Ocellus providing art services on several hit games like Tom Pool and Tom Candy Run. Ocellus now provides full art support on live operation updates for Talking Tom Gold Run. A mobile hit game by Outfit7 with close to a billion downloads and millions of daily active users. It gives the company invaluable experience on live op for a global brand, moneytisation and the family market.




After co-producing a remaster of Asterix XXL2 using innovative AI technology Ocellus moved to Lyon France to start co-producing bigger console games with their partner OSOME STUDIO. The company grow and refine its production pipelines.

Tom Splash Force, another co-production with Osome studio, is released.

The partnership with Outfit7 is growing strong, Ocellus is now doing all art live op updates of Tom Hero Dash while still proving the same services on Tom Gold Run.


Asterix XXL3, a co-production with Osome studio is released on PC,PS4, Xbox1 and Switch.
TOM SKY RUN is added to the list of co production with Outfit7.

A new and exciting partner ship with SUPERCELL rapidly grow.
Ocellus is now working on multy billion dollar franchises Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.

Ocellus and Hooray Studio formed a new partnership thanks to former Outfit7 CEO Jure Prek who freshly joined Hooray Studio. Together, Ocellus and Hooray Studio are now creating a new line of innovative customisable books, bringing tears of joy to millions of families worldwide.


Ocellus is now developping new IPs and games with SUPERCELL while providing art services for most of their live games.

Space Ape join Ocellus list of great partners.

Asterix XXL1 ROMASTER, is released, an old Gen Asterix game remastered to next Gen consoles and PC using same AI powered pipelined developed for XXL2 remaster.

Ocellus is co-producing, with Osome Studio and MICROID, two PC and Consoles projects.


METACORE, SQUARE ENIX and ZENLY join Ocellus’ great partners list.

OCELLUS is now providing Art live-up support on global mobile hit game Merge Mansion, as well as developing new IPs and product with ZENLY (Snap inc) and SQUARE ENIX

Ocellus is now providing cinematic and marketing videos services.

MARSUPILAMI, our first PC/Console project fully developped internally is released, winning several awards along the way!

During those initial learning years, our partners had to discover our services only through word of mouth.
Despite Ocellus remaining discret, games, brands and videos Ocellus helped created totaled multiple billions of downloads and views.

A new exciting page of our story is about to unfold...

We have learned a great deal during all those years working closely with top industry publisher and developers, it’s time for us to apply all our knowledge to create our own original IPS and products to be enjoyed globally and played for years.

Ocellus desire to grow and build great teams at Ocellus Games to develop the next generation of iconic games, as well as refining and cultivating Ocellus Services to always keep learning and be on the forefront of the industry.