Among the top 100 grossing apps on mobile in 2020 in the US, three were SUPERCELL’s.
The Finnish developer has established itself as a high-profile company in the mobile games industry. But among its many licenses, one is considered as its flagship game: Clash of Clans, which started it all.

The superheroes of Clash of Clans

The superheroes of Clash of Clans

“A Super Troop is a nicely boosted version of Troop, raged-up alter ego with unique abilities that differs from its counterpart,” Anya Mozharovska explains, our Lead 3D Artist who participates in every process involving the units, among other projects. We have been tasked with creating visuals for those special units on a wide spectrum of the pipeline.

We are grateful to work on those projects with Supercell. Up until now, we have been able to design 10 Super Troops. They represent exciting challenges: “This is a multifaceted process. Each character is unique and sets certain goals, each step of work requires commitment and resources, and of course, some obstacles may arise at any stage.” 

We have to strike a balance between creating a distinctive character using the non-buffed version as a base and staying true to the unit’s identity. It’s no small task: six to eight artists participate in designing each Super Troop. 


Enriching the game’s universe

The first goal is to have a clear vision of the awaited result to “better understand direction and identify key points,” according to Anya. It’s a crucial part because it lays the groundwork for the whole project. We can produce the highest quality products, if they don’t meet the partner’s demand, they will look out of place in the game. 

Once it’s done, we can start creating! For the super Minion, we were lucky enough to help with design too. Rather than serving as an immutable pillar of the project, the design concept pushes the discussion forward. We express our creative ideas while maintaining the project’s DNA. Our partner can choose the best ideas it wants to see crystallized from a variety of choices. 

Then, most of the workload begins for our teams of talented artists. “This is a rather lengthy and at the same time very exciting part, as it’s always thrilling to see how the character takes its final form,” says Anya. As the 3D lead artist, she coordinates the whole process and puts her hands on the project from modeling to the final render. 

Our team combines various talents to create the unit while providing regular feedback to Supercell. Those tasks include:

  • 2D Design
  • 2D Turn Over 
  • 3D Sculpting
  • Retopology
  • Look development
  • Posing
  • Lighting and rendering

We emphasize constant and transparent communication with our partner every step of the way to manage the project’s scope efficiently. We also constantly ensure high standards while saving cost and time thanks to efficient management. “The 2D concept should work the best possible way in 3D, so improvements and polishes go until the very end,” adds Anya.

Entering the third dimension

The project stemmed from a clear idea, and it has now a proper identity! But it needs depth and width to enter the Clash of Clans universe. Although it’s one of the last steps of the project, everything from the very first line of drawing is designed with the final 3D model in mind. 

Once the model is done, it gains more depth. To give it the breath of life, rigging is obviously essential and is handled by our animation team. The next step is posing. For us, it’s far from a mere detail: high-quality posing allows us to tell a story, to give more personality to the character, showcasing what makes them unique with a “variety of scenes and emotions,” according to Anya. They will be used for the marketing renders, which have the advantage to show to the players and partner how exactly the product will look like once released. 

As a final touch, our team of artists finalizes the model with lighting and rendering. It aims to “effectively emphasize the emotion and movement in the scene,” explains Anya. Those are the little details that make all the difference. “No work can be lightweight if you take it seriously, and our team is always committed to the best result we can provide.”

That’s what makes our success. The attention to details, and that we don’t compromise on quality. Those are values we stay true to. We have been enjoying the trust of Supercell’s for several years, whether it is to design projects on Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, or Brawl Stars. We are humbled to be able to enrich the universe of games that are enjoyed by millions of players around the world. “A lot more is underway, so stay tuned,” concludes Anya.

Clash of Clans - SuperTroops

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